Speakers Schedule

Speakers Program

Friday,  June 18th:

    1:00 PM:  Walt Wright  -   Petrified  Wood and Where It Grew - understand what turns wood to stone…in this talk with Walt Wright, a premiere paleo-botanist will talk about Petrified Wood and will have time for a question and answer session.

Saturday, June 19th:

    10:30 am: Sandie & Tony Fender - Mount St. Helens 30 Years Later!   …this couple has made many trips to St. Helens to check the results of the devastation and the slow ecological comeback of the area following the eruption of Mount St. Helens 30 years ago.

    1:00 pm: Bob Jones  -  A Rockhound Tour of England - freshly back from a tour on London and the surrounding areas…this trip was captured in the Oct 2009 edition of Rock & Gem magazine where Bob is the Senior Editor.

    2:30 pm: Dr. Allen Schaffert -  The Great Bone Wars - …also known as the “Great Dinosaur Rush”, refers to a period of intense fossil speculation and discovery during the Gilded Age of American history, marked by a heated rivalry between two of the leading paleontologists of the era.

    3:30 am: Walt Wright  -  History of Petrification of Trees and Plants - Walt will draw from his display of 125 specimens of petrified wood from around the world for this talk - there will also be time for a Q&A - don’t miss this chance to talk to one of the leaders in this field.

Sunday, June 20th:

Junior Rockhound Theatre

All day we will be presenting short films for the kid in all of us!  Thanks to the wonderful people at BlueCap Productions we will be bringing their popular Tucson premiere of “Rockhound Theatre” to Southern Calif.

We will present a “Jr. Rockhound Theatre” all day - join us for a range of video about crystal treasure hunting, digging for gems and their bestseller “What’s Hot In Tucson - 2009”…all the fun without the dirt.

The New Crystal Hunters series brings kids together as they dig in the dirt hunting for crystals in several locations - we will see Pala and Arkansas.


Photos courtesy Mindat.com - Photo Copyright © The-Vug.com and http://www.zzyzxgallery.com

Moorpark College photos from http://www.edmar-co.com/adriano/field/CascadeCanyon/CascadeCyn.html

Locality: Cascade Canyon, San Antonio Canyon, San Gabriel Mtns, San Bernardino Co., California, USA

Cascade Canyon Corundum Wed., June 23rd

The Cascade Canyon Corundum deposit has been known about for over a century, yet never included in field guides or well known to the mineral collecting community.

Justin Zzyzx will guide you on a half mile paved/rocky path and across a river where you can cool off after a June day collecting red and purple corundum crystals embedded in matrix. The crystals glow a bright red under SW and LW light and in addtion, small pyrite and epidote crystals are also found along with the red corundum.

This is June - remember to dress in layers bring a pack to carry out your finds and lots of water.  (Hard Hike - not for beginners) 

Tools: Bug Spray, sunscreen, backpack, any size hammer (from rockhammer to any size short handle sledge), Chisels, However, no tools are really needed as the best collecting tip is to pick up promising small boulders and hand sized pieces to be worked at home. 

You will have to; hop off a dirt trail into a wild canyon, cross a briskly refreshing stream 8 feet wide (rock hopping) and walk in a rugged river valley. It is a very short hike, but a trail-less wilderness near the collecting spot.

We are going to the San Antonio Canyon/Mt. Baldy Fee area, you will need an Adventure pass, which can be purchased in advanced at a location pointed at here http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/sanbernardino/ap/vendors.php 

Google map of the area:


Check out event page for more details and come by the Zzyzx Gallery (http://www.zzyzxgallery.com) any Thursday - Saturday 12-5 for a free map to the collecting location. 

Reservations can be made by emailing Robyn Hawk at:

robynahawk at yahoo.com

2010 AFMS/CFMS Show and Convention

2010 AFMS/CFMS ShowAT: So. CA Univ. of Health Sciences16200 E. Amber Valley Dr., Whittier, CA 90604Just once in every seven years does the West Coast get the chance to host the National Show & Convention…Vendors, Games, Speakers, Jr. Rockhound Theatre, Gold Panning, Fossils, Minerals, Gems and a Petrified Forest!

Jalama Beach field Trip - Wednesday, June 23rd

AFMS/CFMS Show & Convention  June 18th - 20th

Jalama Beach Field Trip June 23rd

Leader:  Jon Meredith
When: Wednesday, June 23rd
To:  Jalama Beach in Santa Barbara County

Searching for…We will be searching for fossil Whale Bone, Agate, Marcasite

There is a great post with photos at: http://eclecticarcania.blogspot.com/2008/07/jalama-beach-rockhounding.html

Meet: We will meet at 10:30 AM in the beach parking for basic instruction, familiarization, and signing CFMS waivers before setting out on the hunt at 11AM

(Look for the black SUV with smileys all over it )

Recommended tools: Rock pick (hammer type); carrying bag, bucket or pack; telescoping garden rakes come in handy as well.

Dress in layers,  could be anywhere from 60-80 Fahrenheit


From South  take 101 North to Hwy 1 turn off, follow Hwy 1 NW to Jalama Rd, Take Jalama Rd west to beach. Approx 1 hour From Gaviota

From North: Take Hwy 1 south from Lompoc to Jalama Rd, follow west to beach, approx 40 min from Lompoc

Contact:  Robyn Hawk  robynahawk (at) yahoo.com  
For more information and to reserve your space.

Two Tourmaline Mines In Two Days!!! June 21st & 22nd


WHERE: The Oceanview and Himalaya Tourmaline Mines east of Escondido in the Pala Mining District on Route 76

WHEN: Monday, June 21st &  Tuesday, June 22nd. The Oceanview on Monday and the Himalaya on Tuesday.
TIME: set by each mine. PLEASE check their websites.
COST: $50.00* per person per mine (if you are doing both days it would be $100 per person)  Each mine has a limited number of spaces so reserve early. First come, first served.
* - This rate is subject to change depending on number of attendees. This is open to the first fifty respondants (subject to change on maximum number).
WEBSITES: 1) The Oceanview:  http://digforgems.com 2) The Himalaya:  http://highdesertgemsandminerals.com 
MATERIAL: tourmaline, spodumene (kunzite & hiddenite), lepidolite, quartz, morganite, garnet, aquamarine, plagioclase feldspar, clevelandite and more. ALL mine rules must be observed.  Meet place will be distributed to attendeesWaivers of Liability will be signed at each mine by mine personnel. 
The kids are out of school and this is a great opportunity to get outside with them and a learning experience!  Attendees of the CFMS trips last year, found a wide variety of specimens including tourmalines in excess of 60 grams. Please click the California Federation website http://cfmsinc.org and click on “field trips” for pictures and reports of last year’s trip.
…or check out the posts from A Fly On The Wall Blog at:New Year’s Day 2010 http://flyviewsandreviews.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-years-day-at-himalayaa-socal.htmlTwo Tourmaline Mines in Two Days 2009 (CFMS Trip)http://flyviewsandreviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/hot-dirty-tired-and-day-two.html
 Further questions should be directed to:Robyn Hawk robynahawk (at) yahoo.com

Two Tourmaline Mines in Two Days! June 21st & 22nd

Two Tourmaline Mines in Two Days! June 21st & 22nd