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. Restoration and repair old images
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. Portrait image Retouching

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Robyn Hawk’s invitation is awaiting your response

Robyn Hawk’s invitation is awaiting your response

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Day One - Touring the Local Mines

Touring the Double Eagle with owner John (with gun on his hip).

Robert James (ISG) introduces the owner of the Dust Devil, Don

Then it was off to the Spectrum Sunstone Mine to get unpacked and settled in for the night.

Going to the Spectrum Sunstone Mine in Plush, OR - Digging Sunstone - Staying in a real Teepee! 

Going to the Spectrum Sunstone Mine in Plush, OR - Digging Sunstone - Staying in a real Teepee! 

FieldTrip Report: Thanksgiving at Wiley’s Well

Wiley’s Well - Nov 25th-28th

CFMS field trip, leader Adam Dean, Robert Sankovich.

There was a good turnout, over 60+ rockhounds attended. Deb and I were there Wed to Sun. 

Thursday we collected Bay Laurel petrified wood by the Colorado River.

We then had a potluck Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.


Adam Dean led a group to find the Pailsy Agate,

Matt Boeck helped  out and led field trips to the Straw beds for nodules/geodes, agate and for psilomelane.

I led a group to the opal mine and dug for fire agate.

Saturday we all went out collecting nodules, geodes and chalcedony.

The first field trip I ever went on was Wiley’s Well, and now the first CFMS field trip leading was Wiley’s Well.

The weather was sometimes windy, but most of them time is wasn’t. It was in the 40’s at night so it was cold.  We had a campfire each night to keep warm and all the stories of rockhounding.

I’ll put some photos on the CFMS website and some photos on LA Rocks.

Matt Boeck, thanks for helping out and having your additional field trips.

Thanks to OBMS for having Wiley’s Well field trip and the potluck it is much appreciated.

Robert Sankovich
CFMS co field trips 2011
rmsorca@yahoo. com

Are You A Rockhound Fieldtrip Fanatic?

Do you know about Rockhound Fieldtrip Fanatics?  Are you a member?  NO??!!   Well take a look at the great trips you are missing out on!

Go to:

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Upcoming in November - Nov. 6 - Shaver Lake, “Amethyst Cove”  The water is down for dam repairs, and we have a short window before the roads are closed for winter. This will likely be your only chance at this site until next fall. (More details at the RFTF! site this week.)

Nov. 20 - Lil Panoche & Panoche Hills
I’ve scouted out more rock piles for collecting, so this will be a great trip!

Coming in December - Dec. 20 to Jan. 2 - Fresno Gem & Mineral Society “Coastal Treasures” Trip

The FGMS Coastal Treasures trip is still in planning, and any suggestions or volunteer guidance is will be greatly appreciated. We invite all RFTF! members to get involved & join in this adventure!

Los Angeles: Zeolite Fieldtrip Oct. 24th

If you have ever wondered if you could find a specimen from the hills of Hollywood, meet Justin Zzyzx of Zzyzx Gallery of Natural Science at the parking location on this map

http://maps. maps/ms?hl= en&ie=UTF8& msa=0&ll= 34.1155,- 118.325844& spn=0.11597, 0.176983& t=h&z=13& msid=11430216050 9418778244. 000492cb6da7da76 87631

You can meet Justin Zzyzx at noon and walk along with him to the basalt quarry in the hills of Hollywood. You will find out why these quarries were dug and about the minerals found in the ancient lava flows that make up this section of the Santa Monica Mountains

Sunday October 24th
At the last parking area on Canyon Drive, north of Franklin Ave. 
Slightly inclined walk up a well maintained dirt/gravel road.
Lecture over by 12:30